simple fall activities for toddlers & kids

  • spider web sensory activity: all you’ll need is a laundry basket, fake spiders and some string. thread the string through the holes in your laundry basket and place the fake spiders and/or other misc. objects throughout the webs
  • kiddy jac-o-lanterns: head to your local pumpkin patch and let the kiddos pick out some of those mini $1 pumpkins. instead of carving they can use stickers, glitter, paint, markers, etc. just let them go to town with your craft drawer
  • paper projects: take some paper plates, or better yet recycled materials, and make some spooky creatures together. you guys can make a Frankenstein, Jac-O-Lantern, ghosts, bats, zombies, the works! it’ll also teach your kids how to “reduce, reuse, restore, recycle”
  • nature sensory: on yalls next walk pick up some twigs and leaves. when home you can make trees, use them as stamps, craft a fall mobile, etc. get creative together while teaching your child about the seasons
  • leaf pile: this is super easy and you can even pick up $1 packets of fabric leaves from the dollar tree if you don’t want to mess with real ones. just toss a bunch of leaves into a bin or play pin and let your child have fun tossing them up in the air and crumbling them in their hands. you can also carve out pumpkins and apples then fill the bin with water and use the produce as little boats for kid friendly physics lesson
  • suncatchers: gather some leaves, sprigs and twigs from outside. take a sheet of parchment paper and spread out a thin layer of mod podge. let your kid place the items from nature wherever they please. once done, add another sheet of parchment paper with a thin layer of mod podge over it. use a book laid on top of your tot’s sun catcher for at least two hours. once dry you can either hang it in the window as is or cut it into festive shapes
  • pumpkin Picasso: using those mini pumpkins again you can either take drops of paint on plastic wrap and wrap the pumpkins up. let your kid toss the mini pumpkin around and then remove the plastic wrap and set their artwork to the side to dry. or you can have them use the bottom of the pumpkin as a stamp


  • take walks through the park
  • visit a farm
  • go for a hay ride
  • go for some apple cider
  • sort apples(teaches colors)
  • go fruit and veg picking!
  • read books about fall
  • make leaf wreaths out of paper plates
  • use different Halloween characters to teach them about the alphabet(A is for apple, B is for boo, C is for cat, D is for Dracula)
  • make a fort out of some fallen branches and a sheet in the backyard
  • make some s’mores(pick up pumpkin spice flavored marshmallows for an extra festive treat)
  • have them help you make apple cider or hot chocolate in the crockpot!

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