• herbs
  • some way to strain your bath tea
  • crystals
  • candles (colored candles that correlate with your intentions for the bath, if you wish)
  • sage, lavender or rosemary bundle for cleansing
  • olive oil or another oil for dilution
  • essential oils
  • rosemary and lemon essential oil


malachite, rose quartz, obsidian, jasper, celestine, angelic, spirit quartz, selenite, blue lace agate, turquoise, tigers eye, laborite

yellow, green, red, ivory, white candles & a sudo black one

lavender, yarrow root, oak moss, lemon balm

cedar wood, rosemary, orange, lime & olive oil

Shea Moisture Niacin & Vanilla wash…because I wanted a luxurious bubble bath…


add in your chosen herbs. a quick google search will provide you with the metaphysical properties of any given herb. as for what I used and their properties, here’s a quick list:

  • lavender- balance, tranquility, happiness, purification(physical- calming & soothes aches)
  • yarrow root- divination, aura cleansing, opens third-eye, protection, drives out evil spirits & negativity(physical- great for reducing swelling, sinus relief)
  • lemon balm- healing, happiness, longevity, fertility, luck, boosts mental health(physical- alleviates allergies and congestion, uplifting scent)
  • oak moss- strength, centering, restoration, attraction, happiness, luck, fertility, money drawing, protection(physical- comforting scent– witchy tip put a pinch of oak moss in your wallet to draw in more money!)

boil water in a kettle, remove it from the stove when you start to see steam come out of its spout but before it begins to whistle.

pour the almost boiling water over your hearbs, ideally in a French Press. set aside and let your elixir steep for 25 minutes.

while your bath tea is brewing, cleanse your space and begin to draw your bath. adding bubble bath and epsom salts in right as you run the water will cause huge fluffy bubbles and allow the epsom salt to fully break down into your bath water. as you draw your bath imagine what you want to manifest, think of a mantra to say once you’re having your soak, keep in mind words or phrases that describe what you are manifesting.

place your candles and crystals about and/or in your bath, keeping your manifestation in mind. cut the water off once your bath is filled half way. if you feel like it, brew some tea to drink, ideally a minty, chamomile or dandelion tea. dilute some essential oils whose properties align with or whose scent makes you feel what you are bringing forth. you can dilute them with olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil or almond oil.

by now your bath tea should be done brewing, pour in your oils and bath tea as you fill the tub fully. keep in mind what you are bringing forth.

now it’s time to soak. take your time, read a book, watch a movie or some YouTube(I hear J and Co is a stellar channel to watch) relax into the soothing aromas and oils of your bath.

once you’ve finished your tea begin your mantra or meditation, focusing on what you’re drawing in. as soon as you’re done thank your gods, the goddess, a god, the universe, the stars, your angels, or your spirit guides-just whatever you have faith in thank them for helping you bring forth your manifestation. blow out your candles, fish your crystals out of the water and drain your tub.

after you are out of the bath light a sage, lavender or rosemary bundle then put some rosemary and lemon oil into your diffuser to sweeten your environment-I personally, like to do the latter during my casting as well. always smudge and sweeten yourself and your work space after crafting so only what you’re calling upon and/or bringing forth can come through to you. take the herbs from your bath, with a bit of wax from each candle. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP AND THE ONLY ONE YOU CANNOT TWEAK; take this mixture out of your house and off your property to burry it. preferably in a park but as long as it’s in the earth, out of your home and off your land then you are golden.

MOST IMPORTANTLY DO NOT LOOK BACK FOR WHATEVER REASON! whatever you have faith in is carrying everything out for you, trust them. no matter what you feel or hear never look back.

last but certainly not least, here is a list of what kind of manifestation and spell work is ideal for each moon phase:


the moon is “new” so you should be focused on inviting “new” energy in. the three days after the new moon are the most powerful times to set forth spells focused on growth and beginnings. these will manifest on the full moon.


the moon is “increasing” so focus on manifestations and spells that “increase” you. the waxing moon phase is the moment after a new moon until the moment it is full. making this the best time to do spells for growth, beginning new projects, initiation and enhancement.


the moon is at it’s “fullest” focus on things you wish to bring to their “fullest” as well. the days just before the Full Moon are the most powerful times for fruition and completion.


the moon is “decreasing” so this is when you should be “decreasing” things in your life. during the waning moon phase, from the moment after it is full to the moment it is new, do spells to banish evil influences, lessen or remove obstacles and illness, neutralize enemies, and to remove harm.


the moon is now “hidden” from us, what is it that you are “hiding” from? the dark moon is the most ideal time for banishing and neutralizing spells. prophecy work will be the most powerful if performed during this period. focus on the darkest parts of you and how to lighten them.

happy casting and blessed be, witches.

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