vegan mock beef stew


  • lots of baby carrots or four whole carrots
  • a bunch of red dwarf potatoes or three common potatoes
  • half a stock of celery
  • half a red onion
  • three large portobello mushrooms or mock meat bits
  • seasoning of choice (I used chili, dill, garlic, sage, turmeric and pepper)
  • two or three bay leaves
  • vegetable broth

and of course a crockpot

this is one of those “toss it all in and let it sit for four hours” recipe so the kids can help you make it or even do it themselves, depending on their age. chop your veggies up however you prefer them. I diced my potatoes and onion then sliced my carrots and celery. toss the cut vegetables into your crockpot and cover with vegetable broth. you’ll more than likely use about two to three cups of broth but you want all the soup mixings to just barely be covered. place your bay leaves in and cover.

let the vegetables sit in the crockpot on it’s lowest setting for an hour(or you can do 30 minutes on the medium setting) and go read a book or watch some TV. after the hour has passed go ahead and dice your mushrooms. if you’re using mock meat chunks it should already be chunkified for you so ignore that last sentence. after adding in your meat substitute you want to add about a 1/2 cup more of broth to the soup. stir in your seasonings, turn the heat up to medium and cover once more.

stir your soup once every hour. after four hours have passed check to see if you can easily stick a fork into your potatoes and carrots. once your carrots and potatoes are at that perfect density the soup is ready to serve. enjoy!

for carnivores: this is an adaptation of my mother’s beef stew. to make it nonvegan you’d use chicken broth and beef chunks.

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