2019 will bring me….

I’m uploading one of my End of Year lists here so one, y’all can keep my accountable and two, I’m putting it out into the universe more so.

I spend too much time worrying about how this idea or this dream could fail that I never end up trying. I want to nip that in the butt right now. I’m using this new year as my motivation to finally accomplish what’s left on my “How To Better Myself” list.

for the first time in who-knows-how long my list for the new year is free of materialistic goals. no “lose x amount of weight” or “get toned” or “reach x amount of followers on social media” or “buy designer this” and it feels so freaking good! my focus from here on out, and especially for this next year, will be on real life. I do mean real life here. not the materialistic, temporary objects but the lasting. what I will take to my grave, what will actually make me happy and satisfied. fuck all the bullshit we’ve been programmed to think we need to feel happy and sane.

I will only be on social media to post my works of art and meaningful content. I will be opening up my shop after the years and years of waiting for the right time. I will focus my money on what I truly need and not what I simply want cause some girl on the internet swears it’s the best nor because everyone and their mom already has it. I will be better at keeping to my practices; spiritual and exercise wise that is. I will learn a new skill while better tuning my pre-existing ones. I will react less to life so I can live more freely. this is the year of true consciousness, this is the year of drive and passion. this is the year of balance. I am oh so ready for this year.

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