10 Ways to Improve Your State of Mind

Go Explore Nature

  • it’s been scientifically proven getting out in nature improves your mental well being, a wonderful form of exercise and cheapest way to get out of the house
  • Yoga
  • not only an amazing exercise that will help you slim down & tone up fast but also teaches you to let go of the tension in life
  • Meditation
  • a few minutes of peace and quiet can do wonders. not only does it improve your mental health but also your physical health. this is probably my best tool when it comes to sorting through my anxiety & depression
  • Journaling
  • journaling’s been proven to help improve mental well being over and over again. I suggest bullet journaling but either way you journal using it as a sudo therapist is key for true happiness in life. nobody can convince me otherwise
  • Keeping A Completely Clean Space
  • I don’t mean scrubbing your place like the FBI’s coming over but simply keep your shit in order. even having things organized yet messy will help you tremendously, especially when you need to find that one thing you swore you put in that one place a few weeks ago. it’s no surprise that your environment influences your mental state. that’s why roughly knowing where your things are can keep you at ease. I have a schedule going of deep cleaning on the weekends, laundry on Wednesday’s, big chores on Thursday, etc. to help with this
  • Treat Yo Self
  • no, don’t go buy that almost $100 Divinius top or go on a Etsy shopping spree– I freaking wish. wait, actually in some cases that’s what you need but really I was talking about a spa night, lazy Sunday, an hour to yourself, that kind of thing. basically practice a form of self care you’ve been starving for. you deserve it
  • Get Creative

    creative outlets are wonderful for relaxing and improving brain function. weather your making crappy art, writing a crappy book, creating a crappy… I don’t know blanket? whatever it may be, wether you think you’re great at it or not do something you genuinely enjoy that gets those creative juices flowing

    Read A Book

    reading helps improve your vocabulary, is a great way to relax and broadens your perspective. not only does reading provide all these benefits but it’s also a healthy way to escape if life’s become too heavy

    Set A Daily Schedule

    a loosely followed daily schedule to help you stay productive through out the day. this can be as loose as wake up by 7:00, lunch by 12:00, clean by 3:00 or as strict as getting up at 5:00, get the kids up by 8:00, get outside by 10:00, lunch at 11:300, so on and so forth. like I said it doesn’t have to be some rigorous routine. simply create some type of structure to your day so it doesn’t get away from you

    Bitch Calm Down

    seriously I have a whole section in my journal with this title, dedicated to writing out everything that works me up. if I can’t seem to let that shit go, I write it down to analyze. this may not be the healthiest thing on the list but hey, it helps me. in more detail, I write out what’s eating me and branch off to find the real issue at hand. for instance: bitterness shows you where you need to heal the most, sadness shows what you care most about, disappointment shows you that the situation at hand didn’t bitter your heart, anger shows what you’re most passionate about, etc. the point here is to find what you need to forgive yourself, or someone else, for to free your soul of that unnecessary stress


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