it’s still spooky season bb

hi there, hey there, hello!! this title’s misleading because were putting our tree up in a week but I wanted to post about our fall decor before it gets packed up.

first things first, though. are you a spooky fall decor babe or a cutesy fall decor babe? I’d like to believe we’re both but I always tend to lean more towards the spooky stuff… or spoopy, if you will.

for our bookshelf I took some leafy garland and wrapped it around a wire hoop. Last year Nick had got me these little witch boots so I used them to help hold the make-shift-wreath up. I think it adds a cute, slightly minimal touch of fall to our little bookshelf. I love this little section of our wrap-around-shelf the most! mainly thanks to that thrifted Tim Burton like pumpkin wizard, if I’m being totally honest. the skull head potion jar & little pumpkins tie the spot together with a little black cat night light well too. that little pumpkin guy is definitely the star!on our divider I put up this little meditating skeleton my mom got us, as well as a black fluffy pillow to add even more spooky vibes. then I added our bumblebee pillow case from Itty Bitty Bean Co on the chair as well for some extra fall vibes. no clue why but bees always scream fall and spring to me, what about you?

now over to our couch, I put these faux fall flowers in our vase. I’m honestly spacing on the name for them so let me know what they’re called down below! we also added this adorable Jac-O-Lantern pillow from Joann’s. lastly, we switched up this adorable letter board from Target to say “creep it real” cause same. I love how this little cozy spot turned out!

next to our couch we have this little glass side table where I put a pumpkin spice candle, wooden bat sign from Hobby Lobby, a personalized pumpkin, another pumpkin candle from Halmark and these glittery pumpkins Nick gifted me last year! for the personalized pumpkin I just got a papier-mâché pumpkin from Joann’s, there’s cheaper/cuter ones at Target right now, then wrote our last name and anniversary on it. circling back to the other side of our mantel I added this sign from Target with my deatheater’s wand. I then put these sunflowers in this spooky bucket, which I believe is from Joann’s, next to our Bobba Fet planter. lastly I added a few crystals and a little papier-mâché Jac-O-Lantern from–you guessed it! Joann’s! and now for our fireplace. I had no place to put this dancing Skelton table cloth but it was too cute to keep packed up, hence it being draped over our mantel. this helped a lot with toning down the blue so we could put more orange, red and yellow decor out. this was also our first year even having a mantel and boy, was this difficult to decorate! I’ve moved things around so much on here before settling with this. the sparkly skull, pumpkins and fortune teller/skull ball are from dollar tree. that love sign is from Hallmark. then the haunted house was a craft for Luna that Nick decided looked cute on the mantel. applause for him! then we have more of those Jac-o-lanterns with a few burnt out fake candles and little ghost tea light holder from Walmart. last but certainly least we have a DIY “happy haunting” sign that I am definitely not proud of but Nick thinks is Tim Burton-esq

lastly, though certainly not least this time, we have these little doo-dads adding that spooky touch to our entryway and bathroom! I believe both are from Joann’s. honestly if I didn’t mention where something’s from then Joann’s is your best bet because I’m a sucker for them.

so what do y’all think? personally I’m loving it. I do want to get more decorations for next year but over all, I’m digging what we have up! thank you for reading. are your fall and Halloween decorations still up?

blessed be lovelies!


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