Vegan Holiday Drinks from Starbucks

that titles pretty cut and dry so why don’t we just jump to it, eh? in honor of holiday drinks being available again I’m gonna list my favorites that I’m 99.9% sure are vegan along with a few “secrete menu” drinks that definitely are. ya girl didn’t know PSL’s still aren’t vegan at the beginning of fall so just double check with your barista before ordering–just to be on the safe side!

  1. Gingerbread Latte– my freaking jam! this drink alone will rob my bank account because it’s that good. all you’ve gotta do to make it vegan is ask for a milk substitute & no whip cream
  2. Chestnut Praline Latte– I got this one today since they were out of gingerbread syrup and it’s already practically gone. again just ask for a milk substitute & no whip & you’ll be golden
  3. Holiday Spice Flat White– I’ve been recommended this A LOT but have yet to try so let me know how you like it in the comments please! another golden drink that you just gotta order a milk substitute on
  4. Candy Cane Mocha– this is also my ish during the holidays! I like to think I made it up but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s been floating around on Reddit, Pinterest or Tumblr for a bit. ask for a mocha with milk substitute, a pump of vanilla and pump of peppermint and voila deliciousness
  5. S’mores Hot Chocolate– so freaking good and kids love it too in case your coffee date is your little one. get a plain old hot chocolate with chestnut praline syrup. you won’t be disappointed
  6. Christmas Cookie Coffee– so I saw this as a secrete frappé flavor last year & since I’m not a fan of frappé’s I made it as an iced coffee order; needless to say it was delicious. order a regular coffee with soy milk then add a pump of vanilla, peppermint & toffee syrup to it! it’s pretty sugary but if you’re like me with wanting your coffee to be sweet while still tasting like coffee I highly recommend this order
  7. Apple Cider– forewarning I haven’t had their apple cider yet. I’ve heard a lot of fellow vegan momma’s rave about it but yet to try it myself. all it consists of is warmed apple juiced with their chai syrup! lemme know how you like it
  8. Caramel Brûlée latte– yep there’s a vegan option for that! skip the actual sauce and just pick a milk substitute with toffee nut, caramel syrup & keep the candy topping
  9. Hazelnut Hot Coco– literally exactly what it’s name is! add hazelnut syrup & even a shot of espresso if you like to your next hot coco order for a delicious treat
  10. Juniper Latte– now this drink was a smashing hit for me last year! all you need to do is switch your dairy milk for a substitute & pass on the whip! that is, if it’s still around this year… which if it isn’t, I got a bone to pick with Starbucks

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