oh hey, I looked cute 11/10

honestly… I’m not too sure how I feel about this outfit. Sunday consisted of work meetings, holiday shopping & last minute grocery runs for your gal. this was my attempt at a causal, yet somewhat professional outfit, I could still be comfy in. not too sure how well I did that or if the two-toned jeans ended up being one-touch-of-flare too many for this ‘fit.

to be completely honest I just wanted to show off my current favourite thrift find– these adorable as ever floral, velvet booties!

cardigan’s from Not Your Average Babe but it’s no longer available and I can’t really find one that looks similar to it.


shirt is thrifted off Thred Up, a.k.a the greatest online reseller! here’s where I believe it’s from


jeans are from American Eagle. I don’t think they sell this exact pair anymore but there are a few similar ones!


lastly my new favorite booties are from a brand called Circus but I bought them from My Best Friend’s Closet. here’s a link to their Instagram! they have quiet a few location throughout Kansas City & Missouri


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