How To Actually Manifest

I’m getting a little(a lottle) sick and tired of blogs and spiritual TikTok not teaching you how to properly manifest, let alone how to ethically manifest. So let me be the one to tell you the three main rules of manifestation;

1) always write them in the present tense, as if it’s already yours

2) always end it with “at no ill will or harm to all parties involved” or “with harm to none”

3) always forget about it while putting the work into it

why the first rule? because you must be focused on your intentions and specific with your manifestations in your practice. if you put it in the past or future tense it won’t come to fruition for you in the present. it’s honestly as simple as that but there’s plenty of books that will give you a deeper, lengthier, more complex reasoning. I’ll have a few of my favorites listed below!

why the second rule? the ethics of messing with someone’s free will aside, think of the physics here. for every action there is a positive and negative reaction. for every win you receive there’s some out there catching the L. this isn’t some love and light jargon, it’s simply the right thing to do. especially if you’re using herbs like devils root or cloves to ensure the success of your manifestation. for all you know the reason you got that job is because another applicant got into a car wreck on their way to the interview. is this intrusive thoughts coming to play? yes, yes it is; but this is a common example many crones and other well schooled practitioners give for why you should always end your manifestation with a “harm none” statement. also, do you really want to manipulate someone into giving you what you want? do you appreciate being manipulated, being forced to do things against your will? FUCK NO. so why would you do that to someone else?

and why the third rule? why would I just forget about my manifestation when I want it so badly? because by obsessing over the when’s and how’s you’re only going to delay it. by thinking about how you haven’t received it yet or how it’ll come into your life you’re putting that lack energy out into the universe. what you put out into the universe is what it will give you back. detachment is a great mindset to have in life. it’s crucial to apply it to your manifestations. trust the universe to bring these blessing to you and put in whatever work needs to be done on your part to make it happen.

that’s all there is to it folks. I’ve listed my favorite witchy book shop and some great books on manifestation that should be accessible to most below! just remember this shouldn’t be your only source material. simply because I for one did not go into great detail but also because you should always be cross referencing your materials. a true witch is a well educated practitioner that researches their tools, rituals, etc well after they’ve perfected it. happy casting folks, may the new year bring you abundance and joy!

my local witchy shop/favorite bookstore

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