10 tips for zero waste camping – Zero Waste Wednesday

Nick and I took the girls camping this past week. I was so proud of us for have no waste what so ever, not even a freaking spoon! It got me thinking I should make this week’s Zero Waste Wednesday camping themed. Without further to do, here are 10 tips for a waste free camping trip:

1) BYOS: bring your own shit by packing your own utensils, dishes, cookware, etc you’re not only saving money but also the environment. my personal favorite dishes for camping are from https://rainforestbowls.com their bowls are ethically sourced coconut shells that are decorated and carved by local New Mexico artists. use my discount code: “DANICATHERINE20” to save money on your own set!

2) Shop Local we try our hardest to buy our food from local farmers markets near our campsite; this way we’re only buying what we need and our moneys going straight into the farmer’s wallet.

3) Research Your Campsite(or Glampsite) for our first camp trip as a family of 4 we wanted to be safe while also getting an authentic camp trip. that lead us to this self-sustaining yurt; complete with composting toilets, no electricity and no cell signal. we freaking loved it since the girls got a real camping experience while still being able to stay warm/cool during bad weather. basically what I’m saying here is dig around Hipcamp and Airbnb before settling on a less sustainable place.

4) You Don’t Need Fire Starter all you need is dry kindling and dry wood. you want to build a square, then a pyramid with your logs/twigs and place your kindling in the center then lightly blow after lighting them. I promise you don’t need lighter fluid or a starter block. the chemicals in their fumes are not worth it babes.

5) Pack Light okay this is basically diving deeper into tip one buuut pack a capsule wardrobe. personally I’ll just bring one to three of the clothing items I need. I also like to bring layers while camping just incase. and leave the hatchet at home if you’re not “roughin it” this trip. packing light also frees up space for more important items like cookware or coloring books.

6) Plan A Trip Itinerary google’s gonna be your best friend if you’re a parent struggling to figure out how to entertain your kids on a camping trip. by planning our activities y’all can do together around your area you’ll avoid excess spending and excess waste

7) Camp Close To Home by camping nearby you’ll cut down your car’s emissions

8) Use Public Transportation alternative to tip 7 would be to use a public form of transportation like planes, trains and electric automobiles

9) Invest In Ecofriendly Gear more times then not those sustainably sourced, ethically made pieces are worth the investment. by buying a tent, hammock, hiking backpack, what have you that was sustainably made you’re showing world leaders the future you want; aka voting with your dollar.

10) Give Yourself Grace our planet’s critical state is not our fault as consumers. climate change, the pollution of resources, deforestation all falls on the big corporation’s shoulders. just because you weren’t able to score a sustainable Airbnb or had to buy paper plates is not the end of the world. saving our home should not rest solely on our shoulders, especially not with our social economics at play. you are doing you’re best even if you think you’re doing the bare minimum. don’t let these big organizations that refuse to make positive impacts make you feel guilty for the poisoning of our planet. you’re already doing your part to save her loves!

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