Zero Waste Wednesday

Welcome to Zero Waste Wednesdays! I did a poll awhile back on Instagram asking if anyone would be down for this and 350 people said yes so here we are. I’m planning on taking this little series over to YouTube as well but for now I’m gonna share tips, DIY’s, items I recommend switching to ASAP aaand of course more in depth conversations on environmental topics.

As y’all know while living in Chicago we were living zero waste. Well I’ve fallen off the zero waste wagon and onto the low waste wagon. This series was partially created to keep myself accountable but mainly take y’all on this journey. A journey of going back to living the conscious lifestyle I was before and then some.

The best starting place for this will be to switch over. Look at the everyday items you use that are made with plastic and/or get tossed out after a single use. Are there more ecofriendly versions? How accessible are they? Is it better to thrift or DIY them?

Thrifting and DIYing is your best friend when it comes to living zero waste on a budget. You can find all the popular ecofriendly items or popular greenwashed brands(we’ll talk about this in a couple weeks) on Facebook Marketplace for so cheap. Not only are you buying a sustainably made product but you’re buying it second hand—win, win situation here cause possibly zero pollution went into you obtaining that product! This also goes for thrift stores. Try to think outside the box when looking for bento boxes, storage boxes, produce bags, etc. You can find a ton of YouTube videos for making your own bags and more.

Of course it can be worth the splurge too. Just hone in your inner sleuth to make sure the product is actually good for the environment. A lot of companies have started to claim the eco-friendly title when they’re far from sustainable so just beware.

my current on-the-go favorites


BAMBOO UTENSILS: pros-easy to clean, lightweight, great for camping too cons-needs to be replaced every 3-5 months

STAINLESS STEEL OR SILICONE TUBERWARE: pros-last forever, very durable, can be compact depending on brand or style cons-seal doesn’t always stay closed for certain brands

REUSABLE BAG: this one is a given so all I’m gonna say is please buy bags that are made from recycled material. you’ll be doing more harm than good if you buy one made from virgin materials. also please please please take your plastic bags in to be recycled!

REUSABLE CUP: I’m gonna be the pot and you can be the kettle here-cause I have a massive stash of these-but again be mindful of their material and how many you accumulate

NATURAL RUBBER CONDOMS: If you use condoms check these out. Package Free sells a lot of environmentally friendly items including biodegradable condoms!

DISH BRUSH: pros-can work better than a plastic one cons-has to be replaced every 3 months

TOWELS: Simply replace your paper towels and napkins with old rags. (same can be said about toilet paper if you want to go the extra mile)

SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: pros-better for your hair, cuts back on plastic bottles in landfills, lasts longer cons-depending on brand can get pricy

BENTO BOX: You don’t have to get a bento box exactly just bring some kind of tuberware when eating out so you don’t have to use to-go boxes

DIAPERS AND WIPES: pros-cute designs, saves a lot of money, never have a “fuck that was the last diaper/wipe” moment again cons-you gotta wash them but washing them is a lot doable than it seems

MENSTURAL CUP: pros-eases cramps for some, more comfortable than pad or tampon, considerably better for your overall bodily health cons- depending on the brand it can get messy taking it out

If you have any other items or brands you want to shout out comment them below! Thanks for joining me on this journey again

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