I created a graphic for a quick break down of what this full moon means. to go just slightly more in depth here; the sun and moon’s energies are more potent thanks to the Saturn Pluto conjunction, Venus is trine Saturn and in harmony with Mercury. this is why I’m advising to get anything off the chest now. per usual, the full moon will illuminate the truths and the lies in your life tonight. the stars are also challenging you to upgrade your life, so to speak.

this is the time to focus on your soul’s wants and needs; the time to purge what’s holding you back. this is the time to start showing up as your higher self. lastly, you’re being reminded that there’s beauty in everything. the good, the bad and the ugly all have their own hidden beauties.

there are a few rituals I’d recommend to help you harness the moons energy tonight. they’re all pretty simple and you probably already have the supplies on hand. when cleansing your aura and your home be certain to go from left to right and repeat a cleansing mantra that invites the positive yet banishes the negative.


for this all you need is yourself. however, to amplify its affects you may want to light a pink candle and use corresponding herbs. vanilla, roses, vetiver, lotus root, ylang ylang, lemon, cinnamon and damania are all potent herbs that promote self-love, harmony, confidence, etc. for this ritual you’ll be following a mediation with aromatherapy by a full moon bath.

after cleansing your aura and space, light your candle. begin to gather your supplies. focus on how you wish to feel as you either add some of your herbs to your candle or mix your essential oils into a diffuser. if using a diffuser make sure it’s within a foot or two of you while meditating.

so, meditation works differently for everybody. while someone might prefer to meditate laying down, another may prefer to sit in the lotus position with a blank mind; personally I sit in the lotus position, stretch any tense muscles and picture my chakras as lotus flowers opening with each new breath then let my mind run free, or go blank. again, follow whatever your gut wants, it’s all up to you! you do want to mediate for at least five minutes, however. the goal here is experiencing that serene, grounded energy or that “meditation buzz” before you begin the chant.

“There is abundant love in the Universe There is abundant love in me I see myself as the eternal soul I really am I know I play an important part in this world, Give me guidance to help me see my path, Give me clarity to help me see my worth I am a Divine being and I love myself deeply As I am worthy of the love of others. Thank you – So mote it be.”

while you’re drawing your bath focus on the energy you want it to bring you; keep this focus as you add your herbs and/or oils. lighting jasmine incense along with pink, yellow, and white candles around the tub will help amplify the ritual as well. after the bath make sure to thank your gods, the universe, or whoever you believe to be guiding you.


this is my favourite ritual to follow. keep in mind that the best witch listens to her intuition. if you feel the need to adjust anything please feel free to do so


you’ll want a cleansing spray—witch hazel or distilled water mixed with sage, lavender, rosemary and frankincense—dried sage, a white candle and a salt stone, ideally Himalayan. cleanse yourself and your space with the spray first and foremost. we’re burning sage which is a extremely smokey herb so that’s why I recommend to use a cleansing spray instead of a bundle. feel free to use a cleansing bundle if you prefer it! now light your candle. this is optional but personally I like to anoint my candle with rosemary and frankincense before burning it. now call upon your angels, ancestors, spirit guides, gods, whoever you trust and have a deep bond with to help, as well as protect you. take the lotus position but bring your hands in. crisscross applesauce, spoons in the bowl, my witches. with your salt stone in your open hands began to steady your breaths. in through the nose out through the mouth. picture yourself breathing in positive, bright light and breathing out dark, tar-like mass. with each breath picture the light growing brighter and brighter from within, until your whole essence is encased in a bright, positive light. close your spell and thank your aides.


you can easily take these herbs, candles and coins and make your own prosperity bath. you may also forego the candle magick. you can even discard your spell away from your home instead of burying it. seriously you can do whatever with others spells as long as the intent is strong and prevalent.

to start you’ll want to use oak(Irish) moss, lemongrass, chamomile, honey, ginger, basil, mint, patchouli, rosemary. you can use all or just one it’s really up to you. I recommend honey, oak moss, lemongrass and patchouli the most. you’ll also need one to three dark green candles, coins and a small biodegradable container—like a cardboard box with no food, oil or sealant on it.

after cleansing your home light one of your green candles. Drip wax onto your container and place a coin in the wax. drip wax over your coin and repeat this process for the rest of your coins while repeating,

“Mother Moon please bring to me your health, wealth and prosperity. Mother Moon please grant me…” this is where you add specifics like joy, fast cash, protection from COVID-19, etc “at no harm to others, so mote it be.”

once all your coins are covered in wax add your herbs or essential oils on top and seal the container. now, light any remaining candles and add your herbs or oils to them. burn these candles down either all at once or for one hour increments each day. they should be fully burned before the quarter moon.

once your candles have burned out, add what remains to the container. take this container to a nearby park or some other location that’s off your property where the container won’t be unearthed. as you’re burying the container ask the earth to seal the spell and thank the elements—and any other forces you may have called upon. walk away from the spot without looking back

blessed be lovelies! I hope this full moon brings joy, prosperity and positive revelations to you. happy castings!

source for self love chant:

list of powerful money-drawing herbs:

list of powerful herbs for health:

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